Geoffrey Peat
Managing Director
Geoff Peat
Founding Director
Anthony Brady    
Sales Director  
 Peter Connelly
 Finance Director
(L-R) Aaron Keogh (AV & Consumer Sales), James Donnelly (Senior AV Sales Specialist) , and Barry O’Mara (Senior AV & Consumer Sales)
Internal Sales Team
Contact our sales team to talk A/V & Consumer Tech products and get the very best advice and support.


(L-R) Peter Connelly, Avril Peat, Kellie-Ann Hawkins, Danielle Poland, and Geoff Peat
Finance, HR, and Admin team
Our Finance, HR, and Admin team provide the engine room support driving Peats forward.


(L-R) Jack Cannon, Rob Noonan, and Anthony Brady
Sales Team
Talk to our sales team to discuss the very latest from the consumer electronics industry and how you can become a reseller.


(L-R) Pawel Szwed, Oisin O’Connor, Geoffrey Peat, and Zbigniew Dwornicki
Operations & Logistics team
This ops and logistics team is committed to delivering on time and making sure our products are available for your customers.