Multibrackets 7350105213120 M Motorized Public Floorstand Dual Pillar 180 HD

Multibrackets 7350105213120 M Motorized Public Floorstand Dual Pillar 180 HD
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Multibrackets 7350105213120 M Motorized Public Floorstand Dual Pillar 180 HD

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Multibrackets 7350105213120

M Motorized Public Floorstand Dual Pillar 180 HD – Motorized stand for display or touchscreen - aluminum - screen size: 65"-110" - max load: 135 kg - VESA: 200x200-1000x600 – floor standing - black

Product Description

Introducing the M Motorized Public Floorstand Dual Pillar 180 HD a motorized flat panel TV cart that was designed to include all of the features you may need, making it perfect for any application. Mobility, appealing design, display height adjustment, pre-assembled base, and safety certifications ensure quick assembly while providing a ridged, but attractive and structured that fits into any decor.

Versatility that holds up to 110” displays
Now you can mount flat panel screens up to 110" displays on a movable Floorstand with a motorized travel distance of 500mm up and down. With its black, textured powder coat finish it helps hide fingerprints or dust. This Floorstand features an easy-to-position display height adjustment function that is unique. This innovative design with a built-in stopper mechanism in the two columns creates a tool-free and effortless TV height adjustment. This function reduces time-consuming adjustments of height that is used on other floor stands. Now you in seconds can match your audience whether it's sitting or standing up. For fast installation, the base comes pre-assembled. VESA specifications range from 200x200 up to 1000x600 VESA display mounting pattern, and sturdy swivel casters –which are lockable to keep the Floor stand in its place. The integrated cable management system helps keep your cables organized and out of the way. During its introduction, this versatile Floorstand also comes with accessories such as the camera shelf included as standard.

The motor-driven height adjustment allows you to move a display up to 135kg´s up or down to a suitable height for any presentation or digital signage situation. The wide reach up or down makes it suitable for both sitting or standing audiences making this product a perfect multifunctional solution for most needs. Dual remote controls are included, one positioned on the column with a display indicating travel distance and height. The other is handheld and wireless and can operate the movement from anywhere in the room. CE Certified, UL tested.

Powerful lockable castors
Using high-quality lockable castors with 360 rotation this mobile floor stand can easily pass through doorways and over thresholds. Multibrackets has incorporated a clever wheelbase making it possible for the user to get very close to the screen. Holding a wide range of VESA specifications up to 1000x600 with optional accessories it can hold near any large screen the market has to offer.

Holds up to 135kg and VESA 1000x600
Motorized movement 500mm up/ down for a perfect position
A quiet electrical motor is discreetly concealed
Optimized for any audience, standing or sitting
Easily pass-through doorways and over thresholds
Dual remote controls included, one with display on the column, one batteryoperated and wireless
A variety of accessories available
Comes pre-assembled reduces installation time

M Motorized Public Floorstand Dual Pillar 180 HD
Article No: 7 350 105 213 120
For screen size: 65"-110"
Feature: Motorized large screen capacity
Max VESA: 1000 x 600 mm
VESA standard: 200x200 300x300 400x400 600x400 600x600 700x500 800x400 800x600 900x600 up to 1000x600 mm
Size in mm: (WxDxH) Package: 1192x475x237mm
Adjustable height: Yes, traveldistance 500mm - 1200-1700mm
Weight: 40,5 kg
Colour: Black
Max load: 135 kg
Mediaholder/ Camera holder: Included camerashelf (can be mounted above or below the display)
Motorized: Yes, dual remote controls included. One fixed on the right column with display, one wireless & handheld
Power 220V, CE: Yes, CE approved
Screen position: Landscape or portait
Wheels: 4x lockable castors
Mount to floor: No
Warranty + Certificates 1 years + UL certified

Retail Package Specification
Package Parcels: 1 pcs
Package Measurements: 1192 x 475 x 237 mm
Package Weight: 40,5 kg

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