Wharfafedale ELYSIAN C

Wharfedale ELYSIANCBK - Black 3 way Centre Speaker
Wharfedale ELYSIANCBK - Black 3 way Centre SpeakerWharfedale ELYSIANCBK - Black 3 way Centre SpeakerWharfedale ELYSIANCBK - Black 3 way Centre SpeakerWharfedale ELYSIANCBK - Black 3 way Centre SpeakerWharfedale ELYSIANCBK - Black 3 way Centre SpeakerWharfedale ELYSIANCBK - Black 3 way Centre SpeakerWharfedale ELYSIANCBK - Black 3 way Centre SpeakerWharfedale ELYSIANCBK - Black 3 way Centre SpeakerWharfedale ELYSIANCBK - Black 3 way Centre Speaker

Wharfafedale ELYSIAN C

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ELYSIAN Centre brings a new dimension to the ELYSIAN series performance, tuning the application for mind-blowing home theatre settings. Each component part is engineered to the very highest standard. The drivers, the crossover, the cabinet – every aspect has been developed in harmony and without cost constraint to push the project to its performance limit. This thorough and no-compromise approach has led the Wharfedale engineers to create a benchmark in affordable, audiophile-grade luxury loudspeakers. Cutting-edge design and class-leading technology are combined to deliver musical reproduction that will proudly challenge the world’s finest loudspeakers.

A proven concept in the form of the award-winning ELYSIAN 4 and ELYSIAN 2 models, the ELYSIAN Centre continues with the specially engineered AMT HF driver; a radically different way of moving air, using a large, pleated, lightweight diaphragm driven across its surface by rows of strategically placed metallic strips immersed in a strong magnetic field. The pleats in the diaphragm contract and expand under the influence of the musical drive, squeezing the air between them to form the desired waveform. Featuring an ultra-lightweight diaphragm material called ‘PET‘ and an acoustically damped rear chamber, the ELYSIAN AMT stands out against comparable high-frequency units by delivering even more spellbindingly clear and sweetly extended high frequencies.

Operating in a three-way configuration, ELYSIAN Centre is also fitted with a custom, glass fibre matrix cone bass units. Terminated with a highly flexible rubber surround and driven by a specially developed low-distortion motor system, the 220mm (8.5”) bass units are capable of reaching down below 27Hz. The result is impact and bass excitement that offer a totally immersive theatre experience.

As found in the ELYSIAN 2 and 4 models, the ELYSIAN Centre utilises a proprietary woven glass fibre matrix mid-range. This structure provides a superb combination of low mass and high strength, with the addition of a high-plasticity coating to control its acoustic behaviour. With such a low-mass cone, only a low-damping, foamed, rubber-like material would match for the surround – again, coated for durability. A linearised output across a wide bandwidth, even off-axis, enhances a natural response to the music that can be heard
anywhere the listener wishes to sit.

Further tuned for purpose, this combination of drivers brings a new level of vocal tangibility and soundstage presentation. The musical timing, spacious presentation and precision in delivery, means that ELYSIAN Centre is nothing short of jaw-dropping in terms of realism in audio / visual applications. Soundtracks come to life and cinematic scenes explode with energy!

Beautifully finished, the ELYSIAN speaker cabinets are designed to enhance the acoustic output of the drivers and provide a piece of furniture of which the owner can be justly proud. Handcrafted veneers are enhanced by true piano finish lacquers, hand-polished to six levels of depth. This exquisite touch offers a truly standout aesthetic, unmatched at this price-point.

Model Elysian                           Centre
General description                     3-way centre speaker
Enclosure type                            bass reflex
Transducer complement               3-way
Bass driver                                 8.5" (220mm)   Coated Fibre Glass Matrix Cone x2
Midrange driver                          6" (150mm) Coated Fibre Glass Matrix Cone
Treble driver                              27*45mm AMT
AV shield                                   No
Sensitivity (2.83V @ 1m)           91dB
Recommended amplifier power    25-250W
Peak SPL 110dB
Nominal impedance                    6 (Compatible 8 )
Minimum impedance                   3.5
Frequency response(+/-3dB)        35Hz ~ 22kHz
Bass extension(-6dB)                   27Hz
Crossover frequency                   360Hz, 2.9kHz
Cabinet Volume(in litres)              5.7L, 64.0L

Dimensions (mm)
Height (on plinth)                       320mm
Width                                        830mm
Depth (with terminals)               (340+30)mm
Carton size                                965 x 495 x 455mm
Net weight                                30.2kg/pcs
Gross weight                             35.0kg/ctn
Finish                                       Black /Walnut/White Piano Finish
Standard accessories                   rubber feet

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