Sony WFC700N True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds - All-day comfort and stability - Up to 15H battery life with charging case - Black

Sony Black In Ear bud type BT ANC WFC700NBCE7
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Sony WFC700N True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds - All-day comfort and stability - Up to 15H battery life with charging case - Black

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Sony WFC700NBCE7

Designed with comfort in mind. The WF-C700N Bluetooth earbuds combine a shape that perfectly matches the human ear with an ergonomic surface design for a more stable fit. We’ve designed these Bluetooth earbuds utilising extensive ear shape data, as well as evaluation of the sensitivity of various types of ears, to ensure an ideal shape that is comfortable for many people. A pocket-sized cylindrical charging case makes it easy for you to store your headphones and carry them with you, wherever you go. The texture, quality and colours of this latest earbuds model have been designed with your style and comfort in mind. With black, white, lavender and sage green to choose from, you can find the one that suits you best

Product Description

More music, less background noise - with Digital Noise Cancelling.

Turn off your surroundings with Digital Noise Cancelling and enjoy the immersive music experience.

In Ambient Sound Mode, these Sony earbuds capture more of the ambient sound around you, thanks to the feedforward mics, so you can enjoy a natural listening experience while staying connected to your environment.

Also featuring Adaptive Sound Control - a smart function that senses where you are and what you’re doing - the WF-C700N can adjust your ambient sound settings for the ideal listening experience on-the-go. It even recognises locations that you frequently visit, such as your workplace, the gym or favourite café, and switches the sound modes to suit the situation!

It’s just you and your music. Cancel out background noise with Digital Noise Cancelling or use the Ambient Sound Mode to stay connected to your natural surroundings.

High-quality sound, for every beat.

These Sony wireless earbuds feature our Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE). When an original music source is compressed, it loses the high-frequency elements that add richness to a track. DSEE restores these to produce high-quality sound that is closer to the original recording.

A 5mm driver unit with a high-compliance diaphragm ensures powerful bass and clear vocal quality. Music, movies, and podcasts are clearly reproduced, thanks to rich mid-range sound.

Tailor sound to your personal preference. Using the Sony | Headphones Connect app, choose from a variety of presets to match sound quality with the genre of music you’re listening to, or create and save your own presets using the EQ custom feature.

These Sony earbuds are also 360 Reality Audio Certified – optimise your experience by analysing your individual ear shape on the Sony | Headphones Connect app, and enjoy the ultimate immersive music experience.

Hear every beat in high quality. DSEE( Digital Sound Enhancement Engine) reproduces music with authentic vocals and powerful bass, you can personalise your sound in the Sony | Headphones Connect app, and enjoy our immersive 360 Reality Audio Certified experience.

Designed for everyday use. - With a long-lasting battery life, quick charging( 10min charge=1 hour play), IPX4 water resistance, and smart features, these Bluetooth earbuds are made for everyday life.

Also featuring Multipoint Connection* for total convenience, the WF-C700N can be paired with two Bluetooth devices at the same time. So when a call comes in, your headphones know which device is ringing and connects to the right one automatically.

Enjoy easy button operation. The left button allows you to switch between Noise Cancelling and Ambient Sound Mode with one push. Using the right button, you can play, pause or skip through songs. Both buttons also offer an easy way to access your smartphone’s voice assistant and receive calls hands-free.

*Firmware update required. Available in Summer 2023.

Product Specification

General Features (Headphone)

  • MAGNET -
  • WEIGHT Approx. 4.6 g x 2 (including earbuds tips(M))

Charging Case

  • Open-Close Detection Yes

General Features(Active Headphones)

  • Volume Control  Yes
  • DSEE  Yes
  • Batteries N Li-ion
  • Battery Charge Time (Buds) N Approx. 1.5 hrs
  • Battery Charge Time (Charging Case) N Approx. 3 hrs (USB charging)
  • Quick Charging(10min charge/more than 60min playback time) N Yes
  • Playback time(Quick Charging) N 10 min charge, play up to approx. 1 hr
  • Battery Charge Method Y Battery 350 BATTERY CHARGE METHOD USB Charge (with case)
  • Battery Life(continuous music playback time) Max. 7.5 hrs (NC ON) / Max. 10 hrs (NC OFF)
  • Battery Life(continuous music playback time)(Buds+Case)  Max. 20 hrs (NC OFF)
  • Battery Life(continuous communication time) Max. 5 hrs (NC ON) / Max. 5 hrs (NC OFF)
  • Power Consumption N 2.0 W
  • Main unit operation N Yes
  • Headphones Connect N Yes
  • F/W Update N Yes
  • Battery level indicator N Yes
  • Color/series information is provided on the main unit firmware N Yes
  • Displays the communicating Codec (Plugin) N Yes
  • META information of song/ PlayPause/ForwardRewind/Volume Control N Yes
  • EQ Preset selection N Yes
  • EQ customize N Yes
  • behavior analyzing N Yes
HPC Supported Function (Setting)
  • Adaptive Control N Yes
  • Ambient Sound Control N Yes
  • Equalizer N Yes
  • Noise Cancelling N Yes
  • Now Playing N Yes
  • 360 Reality Audio Setting N Yes
  • Sound Quality Mode N Yes
  • DSEE N Yes
  • Change the button (touch sensor/Wide Area Tap) function N Yes
  • Auto Power Off N Yes
  • Notification & Voice Guide N Yes
HPC Supported Function (Indication)
  • Battery Level Indication N Yes
  • DSEE. DSEE HX. DSEE Extreme status indication N Yes
  • Connected Codec Indication N Yes
  • Background Fill Corresponding to Headphone Color N Yes
HPC Supported Function (Others)
  • Firmware Update N Yes
  • Upload set operation log N Yes
  • Easy Pairing N Yes
  • Power Off N Yes
  • Help based on headphone status N Yes
  • Bluetooth® Technology Y Bluetooth® Specification 400 BLUETOOTH® VERSION BLUETOOTH Specification Version 5.2
  • Power Output N BLUETOOTH Specification Power Class 1
  • Effective Range Y Bluetooth® Specification 410 EFFECTIVE RANGE 10 m
  • Frequency Range Y Bluetooth® Specification 420 FREQUENCY RANGE 2.4 GHz band (2.400 0 GHz - 2.483 5 GHz)
  • Interface Y Bluetooth® Specification 430 PROFILE A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP
  • Supported Audio Format(s) Y Bluetooth® Specification 440 SUPPORTED AUDIO FORMAT(S) SBC, AAC
  • Supported Content Protection Y Bluetooth® Specification 450 SUPPORTED CONTENT PROTECTION SCMS-T
  • Frequency Range(A2DP) Y General Features 90 FREQUENCY RESPONSE(BLUETOOTH® COMMUNICATION) 20 Hz - 20,000 Hz (44.1 kHz sampling)
  • Multi Pairing N Yes
  • Manual Pairing N Yes
  • Initial Automatic Pairing N Yes
  • Google Fast Pair N Yes
  • Headphones Connect Easy Pairing N Yes
Voice Guidance
  • Voice Guidance N Yes
  • Initial Language N English
  • Voice guidance deactivation N Yes
  • Voice guidance language switching N Yes
  • Battery Indicator (charge indication) N Yes
  • Battery Indicator (working indication) N Yes
Voice Assist Function
  • Siri N Yes
  • Google Assistant N Yes
Noise Canceling
  • Digital Noise Cancelling N Yes
  • Total Noise Suppression Ratio dB N 0.82
  • Ambient Sound Mode - Normal Y Noise Canceling 500 AMBIENT SOUND MODE Yes
  • Ambient Sound Mode - Voice N Yes
  • single NC mode N Yes
Ambient Sound Mode
  • 20 level adjustment (with Voice Focus) N Yes
  • 20 level adjustment (without Voice Focus) N Yes
  • Mode Selective - Normal Mode N Yes
  • Mode Selective - Voice Mode N Yes
Call Function
  • HD Voice N Yes
  • Echo Cancellation N Yes
  • Noise Supression N Yes
  • SideTone N Yes
Supplied Accessories
  • Charging Case N Yes
  • USB Cable Y What's In The Box 920 WHAT'S IN THE BOX Yes
  • Hybrid silicone rubber earbuds N Yes
  • Warranty Card N Yes
  • Reference Guide N Yes
  • Serial Nr N Yes
  • Individual Package Dimension(Length) cm N 8.7
  • Individual Package Dimension(Width) cm N 3.8
  • Individual Package Dimension(Height) cm N 13.8
  • Individual Package Weight(kg) N 0.13
  • Sub Master Carton Qty N 5
  • Sub Master Carton Length (cm) N 19.6
  • Sub Master Carton Width (cm) N 9.6
  • Sub Master Carton Height (cm) N 14.2
  • Sub Master Carton Weight (kg) N 0.75
  • Master Carton Qty N 10
  • Master Carton Length (cm) N 21
  • Master Carton Width (cm) N 20.2
  • Master Carton  Height (cm) N 16.5
  • Master Carton Weight (kg) N 1.68
Battery Info(headphones)
  • (Battery1) Battery Cell Type N Coin
  • (Battery1) Chemical Composition N Li-ion
  • (Battery1) Number of Batteries (X) N 2
  • (Battery1) Battery Weight (g) (XX.Xg) N Approx. 1.32 g x 2
  • (Battery1) Number of Lithium Ion Cells (X) N 1 x 2
  • (Battery1) How is the lithium battery packaged N Laminate
  • (Battery1) Energy Content (Wh) (X.XXXWh) N 0.269 Wh
  • (Battery1) Battery Voltage (V) (X.XV) N 3.85 V
  • (Battery1) Discharge Capacity (mAh) (X.XXXmAh) N 70 mAh x 2
Battery Info(CargingCase)
  • (Battery1) Battery Cell Type N Square
  • (Battery1) Chemical Composition N Li-ion
  • (Battery1) Number of Batteries (X) N 1
  • (Battery1) Battery Weight (g) (XX.Xg) N Approx. 6.2 g
  • (Battery1) Number of Lithium Ion Cells (X) N 1
  • (Battery1) How is the lithium battery packaged (X) N Laminate
  • (Battery1) Energy Content (Wh) (XXXWh) N 1.11 Wh
  • (Battery1) Battery Voltage (V) (XV) N 3.7 V
  • (Battery1) Discharge Capacity (mAh) (XXXmAh) N 300 mAh

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