Peats are the authorised distributor of Intenso in Ireland. Securing access to brands like Intenso remains a top priority for the Peats family along with maintaining and consistently delivering a knowledgeable and reliable service to the Irish market. Ensuring our customers have their audio and consumer technology needs serviced has been the mission of our business since 1969 and continues today.

Since its foundation in 1998, Intenso was able to develop into one of the leading brands in the sector of storage media. With its practical products, the company offers support in everyday life and helps to design modern life simple and safe. Solutions, which are tailored to current technology playfully, innovatively and creatively. Modern products with high quality requirements present the major characteristics of the Intenso brand. In addition to classic storage media such as USB sticks, hard drives, memory cards, SSDs and blanks, batteries, MP3 players as well as powerbanks and wireless chargers are offered under the brand name Intenso.