Peats are the authorised distributor of TRIAX products in Ireland. Securing access to brands like TRIAX remains a top priority for the Peats family along with maintaining and consistently delivering a knowledgeable and reliable service to the Irish market. Ensuring our customers have their AV and consumer technology needs serviced has been the mission of our business since 1969 and continues today.

TRIAX is a global supplier of reliable, innovative products and solutions for the reception and distribution of video, audio and data signals.

Whatever your industry, their seamlessly integrated hardware and software helps you create boundless opportunities for improved engagement and maximised revenue. Their Solutions combine hardware and software expertise to deliver value to hospitality and related markets, through a partner network of system integrators, large installers and operators.

TRIAX’s headquarters is based in Wales and R&D in Denmark.

TRIAX provides solutions for the reception, processing and distribution of video, audio and data:

  • Reception and distribution of satellite and terrestrial signals for a single residential unit
  • Reception and distribution of signals for multiple residential units (MATV/SMATV)
  • Solutions for CATV
  • Solutions for IPTV

They provide solutions that are as easy to use and as efficient as possible.

These principles are at the core of TRIAX, applying from the very first research and product design sketches, to our customer service and support. TRIAX is a customer-driven culture, where it’s easy to have your questions answered.

For further information, please contact our team.

Triax SCS 6 - 6 way splitter
Stock Code: TR349826
Stock: 15
Triax  SCS 4 - 4 way splitter
Stock Code: TR349824
Stock: 20
Triax SCS 2 - 2 way splitter
Stock Code: TR349822
Stock: 11
Triax TWB 205 Wideband LNB
Stock Code: TR304882
Stock: 5
Triax V/Sat White 50 x 50mm
Stock Code: TR304260
Stock: 20
Triax QR12K LTE700
Stock Code: TR108069
Stock: 2
Triax F Compression Connector
Stock Code: TR370041
Stock: 2400
Triax TX10K LTE700
Stock Code: TR108188
Stock: 16